1942 Cadillac Convertible

CIMG0287 CIMG0288

Spotted this beautiful classic in the parking lot of Home Depot on the weekend past. Because of the war, very few of these cars were produced and I would imagine fewer yet survive to this day.


Allen all stitched up
Our black cat Allen one day recently showed up with a growth like a golf ball on his head, pus coming out of his ear and drool from his mouth. I thought maybe he had gotten hit by a car or something, so Katie took him to the Veterinary Emergency $ Clinic. Turned out he had just gotten into a catfight and one of the wounds was infected. Some stitches and antibiotics cured it up in no time. It was a titanic struggle trying to get him into the travel carrier. I still have the scars!


CIMG0281 IMG_0202

I was working in the Northeast at a meeting at 4:30-5:00pm today and when I left the meeting I noticed it was getting darker and there was a little bit of rain. By the time I got to the Anthony Henday I had the headlights on in the van and the windshield wipers going full tilt and I still couldn't see anything except for the tailights ahead of me. A number of people simply pulled over and looked like they were going to just sit and wait it out. The lucky ones sat underneath the underpasses.

As I drove down the Henday it got much clearer and by the time I reached Stony Plain Road it was hardly even raining. When I got home though, I looked out on the deck and it was like it had snowed 3 inches! It's now about 9:00pm and there is still lots of hail on the deck. Needless to say it didn't do the plants in the containers any good. Some will probably come back but some have pretty well had it.

I don't think we've had a storm like that in a couple of years and I can wait a couple more for another one.


I see that Cyd Charisse has passed away. Eleanor and I met her in Las Vegas at one of the Video Software Dealer's shows. She shared a table at the MGM Booth with Ann Miller who passed away in 2004. They were both lovely people and we still have the autographed pictures that they signed to remember them.

Louie Recovering

Louie has recovered nicely from his injury and is not limping any more. This video was shot a couple of days ago.

Louie's Injury

Louie and Lucy resize Louie xray resize

Louie got his leg caught under the door and in trying to free himself did some damage. At the time we didn't know if it was broken or just sprained so we rushed him to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic. It took over 2 hours but after looking at the x-rays it turned out to be just sprained. However the x-rays also showed something in the bone that perhaps should not be there, so today it was off to the Mills Haven vet. Dr. Holowaychuk is pretty sure there is no real issue, but we won't know for sure until she has taken a look at his x-rays.

It's pretty neat how they can x-ray and then they give you a disc with the images on them in jpeg format. So now we can have pictures of Louie from the inside as well as the outside.

Last night I carried Louie outside to relieve himself and when he came back inside he and Lucy curled up together on the big fluffy dog bed. No doubt the 'wawa' senses there is something amiss with Louie and you can see she has some concern there.

Deck Rails Finally!

Deck rails resize

This May long weekend the weather finally allowed us to do some of the outdoor work that needed to be done. Eleanor got her pots for the front of the house and deck all planted and renewed and I worked on getting the rails up for the deck. Still some to do, but it's a good start.

Apple Store Coming To WEM

WEM resize

The Apple store will soon be making its long awaited appearance at West Edmonton Mall judging by the shrouding that is up beside the Disney store. The site that tracks the store openings has a tentative July opening date.

Poodle on Alert

Poodle on table
Came upstairs to find that Louie had taken advantage...he was claiming that he was just a 'Poodle on Alert!'